Commercial Real Estate Loans

The Right Commercial Loan for You

Commercial Loan program provides financing for both owner-occupied and investor properties. Refinance your commercial mortgage loan or purchase a commercial property with low fixed rates, up to 30 year terms and 75% leverage. Funded by both bank balance sheet and off-balance sheet assets. Offering several different program options - some with less restrictive underwriting guidelines - ensuring you get the commercial financing that best meets your individual needs and investment objectives.

  • Loan sizes from $500,000 - $50,000,000

  • Traditional property types only

  • 15, 20, 25 and 30 year amortizations

  • Up to 75% LTV

  • No balloons or call options

  • Multiple prepayment premium options

  • Recourse and non-recourse options

  • Two years of stabilized operating history

  • Owner occupied or investor properties

  • Minimum population requirements

  • 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 year fixed-rate terms

  • Prime rate floating options may be available

  • Cash out available

  • Minimal impound reserves

  • 660 minimum credit score required

  • 1.25 minimum DSCR

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